Khalid week.

Khalid is not new to me since I’ve already heard his “Location” and it kinda stuck in my head I think in a week after hearing it. That’s the only song I know from his album “American Teen”, until last weekend, my friend told me to listen Khalid’s “Coaster” because he thinks that that song suits my present situation. And yes, it describes my situation well. Its like I’m the one who wrote the song for the person who broke my heart. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, I also listen to the other songs from the album. My favorites are: Young Dumb and Broke, Saved, Let’s Go, and Coaster.

Here are my favorite lyrics from each song:

  • Coaster

“You weren’t the one for me
So don’t come back to me, no”

  • Young Dumb and Broke

“So you’re still thinking of me
Just like I know you should
I can not give you everything, you know I wish I could”

  • Let’s Go

“You got too much time to waste
Focusing on what people say”

“Leave your sorrow on the table
Pick up your worries and throw them out the window”

  • Saved

“But, all your stuff is gone
I erased all the pictures from my phone
Of me and you”

“So I’ll keep your number saved
‘Cause I hope one day I’ll get the pride to call you
To tell you that I’m finally over you
I’m finally over you”

I don’t know what’s the right term for this, but Khalid’s American Teen album is one of the best. I’ll keep adding new songs from Khalid’s. I hope you guys enjoy my song choices. 🙂


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